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NEW! 75 minute sessions

In order to enhance your healing experience, 75 minute sessions ($80) are now available.  Treat yourself to deeper relaxation and the soothing of your trouble spots! 

Gift Certificates

Medical Qi Gong (Chi Kung) massage is a wonderful gift of relaxation and healing.  Excellent for anyone!  Nurture the person in your family who gives so much to eveyone and really needs a break!  Help heal the one with chronic pain or a niggling injury. 

Gift certificates are available:

45 minutes - $50

60 minutes - $65

90 minutes - $90

Call today!  250-472-2832 or


VHC Food Drive Dec 12 - Jan 11

Bring non-perishable food items to your massage booked between December 12 and January 11 and receive a 10 bonus minutes!  Heal your body while helping to feed our community!  All food items will be donated to the Mustard Seed.

Want To Feel Better?

How we think, how we move & what we eat largely determine how we feel.  Often we can help ourselves to feel a whole lot better by changing our thoughts, adjusting posture & choosing different foods.  Using some of the guidelines below we can move our bodies towards balance, health & well-being.  Simply being a little mindful, chewing food well and sitting quietly will make a difference.

The following tips provide great guidelines to maximize your body's health & well-being.

  • Practicing happiness in your day to day living is the most important thing you can do (Check out our Buddhist Psychology classes to learn more)
  • Drink 3 Litres of water per day to assist the body to operate properly and to heal tissue.
  • Learning and maintaining proper body posture is key for reducing pain and changing your emotional well-being
  • Eating Alkalinizing foods (pdf) moves the body towards health & balance and can make a significant difference to nearly all health conditions
  • Eating foods that are well suited to your body type will help you to feel your best (see Indian Ayurvedic Elements)
  • Making an appointment today to experience the many healing benefits of the Medical Qi Gong approach



If you suffer from headaches, Medical Chi Kung can help.  Gentle massage & acupressure stimulate relaxation which helps to relieve pain.  Proper skeletal alignment & posture greatly assist in relieving migraine, tension & eyestrain headaches.

The following documents outline simple ways that you can help alleviate headaches:

Monday Magazine Review - Sept 2009

Livin’ Greene - September 24

What are we talking about? Medical Chi Kung

Where and who? Stephanie Johnson, Victoria Healing Centre, 1030 North Park. 250-472-2832

Can ya dig it? Medical Chi Kung is a painless practice that can be traced back more than 3,000 years and incorporates Eastern approaches to medical healing along with Western principles of anatomy and physiology. It focuses on the body’s circulatory and nervous systems and uses a variety of techniques including massage, energy work, herbal medicine and acupressure; I would say it’s essentially acupressure massage using some interesting methods such as the “percussion method” (like the old-style karate-chop massage), which is great for releasing tension in the shoulders.

Would I do it again? The treatment I had was absolute bliss. Not only does Stephanie have strong and capable hands, she is fantastic at locating trouble spots and working through them to a point of release, instead of just mildly treating the surface and moving along; my session was about 90 minutes—an ideal length for this kind of release work. It’s definitely the most functional massage I’ve had in some time; very relaxing yet with a noticeable therapeutic outcome. I’ll be seeing her again, hopefully in the near future and possibly to spend time at the Victoria Healing Centre to take part in a Buddhist psychology class.

Got a holistic product or mind/body/spirit system for Rachel to try? Drop us a note and she’ll give it a Greene go in a future column.

Posted By: Monday Magazine Staff
09/22/2009 8:00 AM

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Client Testimonial

"Stephanie’s skills and expertise have helped in relieving a chronic hip and back problem as well as aided my recovery from knee surgery.  I would recommend Stephanie as your Medical Chi-Kung...

Bob Petherbridge, Victoria BC