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Medical Chi Kung assists in the healing of others and is a path of service that is part of the Parayana Buddhist system.

All of our practitioners have been trained and certified by Shi Yao Hai, a Buddhist disciple with over thirty years training and a Shang Fa (Master Teacher) of the Parayana order. As part of our commitment to quality, any practitioner that works at the Victoria Healing Centre must be certified to practice Medical Chi-Kung.

Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson dedicated eight years to Medical Chi Kung practice before returning to University full-time in Fall 2017.  She is very grateful for the opportunity to work with so many people in the community and very much appreciates that they trusted her to work with them and supported her through much growth as a healing practitioner and business person.

Contact Information

Stephanie Johnson: (250) 472-2832 or stephanie@victoriahealing.com

#550-2950 Douglas Street (Unit N)
Victoria BC
V8T 4N4

Tel.: 250-472-2832

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